Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Walmart Rollback Deals

We went this morning to get some deals on groceries, came home with some pretty flowers, too.

These are Angelines - 1.00 per carton. There were 6 plants per carton. I bought 9.

These are impatiens for 2.00. There are 18 plants per flat.
Impatiens spread so I felt that was all I needed for the flower bed we have.
Both of these flowers are annuals. The Angelines will bloom through the fall. The impatiens, I believe, just bloom through the summer. I have Zinnia seeds planted to fill the rest of the bed when they grow. My mom brought me back some packets from Erin's wedding. They were the wedding favors.

Here are the grocery deals...
5 Blue Bunny RW&B Bomb pops - 1.50 minus 1.00 off each w/Qs
Blue Bunny 1.75 qt - 2.50 minus 1.00 off w/Q
2 Stayfree Maxis were 2.84 - had a BOGO free coupon
3 Bertolli pasta sauce - 1.88 minus 1.00 off each w/Qs
2 OM hot dogs - 2/3.00 minus 1.00/2 off w/Q
The lunchmeat was free w/Qs which I had 4
It was a good day. I went first thing this morning at 8:30. Jared wanted to bring his "baby monkey" and push it in the umbrella stroller. I thought it would give him something to do so not to be bored. It was just more work for me. He kept telling me he had to keep moving "baby monkey is sleeping!" It was a perfect time to go, not too many people and ALL the associates were so nice. When we got home I put Jacob down for his nap then put the groceries away. Jared and I planted all the flowers, then played baseball then went for a short swim. The water in the pool was very cold.

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