Friday, July 25, 2008

Harris Teeter Triple Coupon Day

I have been waiting with much anticipation for the next Triple Coupon Event at Harris Teeter.  Well it finally came!  When we put Jared to bed he always asked, "Mommy, where are we going tomorrow?"   Last night I told him we were going to Harris Teeter. 

Well this morning came early here with Jared getting up at 6:20 turning on his bedroom light waking Jacob and me up.  Mack?  Oh, don't worry he was still asleep.  "Mommy, it's wake up time.  Can we go to Harris Teeter?".

After breakfast and showering we headed out to Harris Teeter.  See, Jared loves HT because thay have racecar shopping carts, which are the best things for 2 boys in which to ride.

Hey Boys, are you ready to shop for deals?
Yippee!  Let's go Mommy!!
(what I actually said to get Jared to smile was I would let him ride the "Harry the Happy Dragon" if he was a good boy!)
So...he got his reward.   Although, he was disappointed a little, because he thought it went up and down like a carousel ride.
Jacob was not feeling well today-slight fever from either teething or ear infection which he is on antibiotic.  When we got home I noticed he felt warm so gave him some Tylenol.
These are the deals I was able to find...
Deal List
5 bottles of Windex glass cleaner
1 bottle of Shout stain remover
1 Soft n Dri deodorant
5 bags of Utz snacks
2 small tins of potato sticks
(2) 2 packs of toddler toothbrushes
2 containers Hillshire Farm deli meat
1 loaf of Sara Lee bread
1 med. sz bag of M&Ms
1 pack of Kraft cheese
2 boxes of Luigi's water ice
Large bottle of spray starch
Suave conditioner
2 boxes of Uncle Ben's long grain rice
(not pictured-Nesquick ready to drink choc. milk)
(which Jared and I split on the way home!!)
I paid $5.05.  I saved $75.80.


Renee said...

AWESOME!!! Isn't tripling such a high?!!! Fabulous job! :)

Topaza said...

Well written article.