Friday, July 25, 2008

More Grocery Deals - Part 2

I love shopping especially grocery shopping.  What?! Did I actually just write that?  Up until I started couponing and saving big, big bucks, I HATED grocery shopping.  Just ask Mack.  I would beg and plead for him to go/come along with me.  Or I would simply order To Go meals. 

I wanted to share my deals from last week even though I don't have any pics.  I am not writing to brag but to give a testimonial of what the has done for our shopping budget.  I buy 2 papers a week, plus have a subscription to the weekend delivery for 1.33 per week.  Walmart sells the Sunday paper for .99 which is normally 1.50.  You can try the grocery game for 1.00 for all the stores in your area for 4 whole weeks.  After that it is 1.25 for the 1st store then .63 for each additional store per week which you pay every 8 weeks.  Plus for every 3 friends that you refer you get 12 weeks FREE!  Please try it out and use my email as to who referred you.  Thanks!!

I am saving all this money by having GG and buying coupons.  The more weeks you do it the more you save because your coupon file expands.

My savings last week...
Walmart - spent 3.06 saved w/coupons 21.00
                   10 packs of flushable wipes (Huggies) 1.64 ea
                    6 bars of kiddie soap (Johnsons) .94 ea
                    Small bag of jelly beans .50

Bi-Lo - spent 18.11 saved 24.65
             (2) 12 count boxes of Poptarts
              1 gallon of milk
              1 car freshener
              2 airwick refills
              4 glade refills
              2 glade aerosols
              1 glade candle set
              (I am addicted to smelly stuff.  I have an OCD, this clearance sale with coupons really satisfied my needs for a long time.)

Harris Teeter - spent 1.35 saved 20.41
              6 Kraft BBQ sauces
              4 Spray n Wash

CVS - spent 6.34  Total before sale and coupons and tax was 34.72 (got 6.00 back in ECB)
             3 glade candle refills
             2 Lysol neutra air
             2 oust air sprays
            8 packs of Trident (which were totally free b/c CVS sale was BOGO free and they accept manu. coupons BOGO free as well)

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Renee said...

Awesome again! Isn't GG grand?