Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Fun with Family and Friends - Part 1

Yesterday...Jared, Jacob and I went to Concord Mills Mall in Concord, NC.  We met Grandma Swaringen, Aunt Bette Anne, her son, Eli, Aunt Renee, her kiddos, Haylee and Wade and Aunt B's friend Sam.  It was a great day spent shopping and talking with family.  Aunt Bette Anne got some great deals at The Children's Place for Eli.  We were later getting there then they were, so I missed out on spending any time there, but I made up for it at The Gap.  I got 4 shirts and a pair of pants for Jacob for only $15.95.  Babies grow so fast especially when they weigh in at 10.5 at birth!  Jacob is in 12-18 months right now. 

Three of the shirts are for next summer.

I forgot to bring our camera to take pictures of all the fun we had.  After a few stores we all went to the Food Court to refuel.   Jared could not wait to get to ride the carousel.  I told him we needed to wait until Haylee finished her lunch.  Finally the three of us got to ride.  I of course got dizzy while standing in between Haylee and Jared.  Haylee was so sweet to say, "Aunt Jen, you can sit down on that bench!"  I told her I would if I could.  Too dizzy to move.  They also pretended to ride the little arcade-type of cars.  It was very cute.  Gma said they had to leave because there were other children waiting who were actually paying customers!  We did some more browsing and shopping.  Good ole' Sam took care of sleeping Jacob, reclining the umbrella stroller everywhere we went.  Jared and Haylee are 8 months apart, so close to be the best of buddies yet fight like brother and sister.  It is hilarious.  Haylee is a very sweet girl who is going into Kindergarten this fall.  She may look like her daddy but definitely got her smarts from her mommy!  Just kidding, Chris ; ) .
Concord Mills is a really nice, clean mall.  I have only been there one other time when it first opened quite a few years ago when we were just visiting.  It still looks the same in my opinion as it did when it first opened.  There were lots of places to spend money.  The only sad thing was I wasn't able to use my BOGO free Auntie Anne's pretzel coupon :(

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