Monday, June 30, 2008

Yard Sale

Saturdays are yard sale days for Mommy and Jared. Jacob takes a nap for Daddy while he gives a voice lesson at our home. If we don't go to them we are usually hosting one! This past Saturday was a lot of fun. There were several close to home which was nice. Here are things we got...
Jared's Loot
He got a SuperFriends Cartoon VHS for 1.00, which he has watched like 20 times so far!
He also got a watergun (.50) and car (.25) that runs by itself (I think it is a Spiderman toy).
Jen's Stuff
I got a large basket that I will use for cleaning up toys for 1.00, a medium-sized basket with a liner for 2.00 that I will use to give a care package for a friend.
Also pictured: Holly Hobbie plate - Christmas 1974 1.00
Floppy hat from Talbots - .25
Pink hat for Mom - 2.00
4 kitchen gadgets for .25 ea.
Curling iron 3.00
Star nightlight for Joanna 1.00
Purse picture frame 1.00
8 Christmas placemats which are reversible for 1.00.
Yard Saling is soo worth it to me. For example, I got a replacement pitcher for an Iced Tea Maker for $0.50 that we got as a wedding gift in 1999. The old pitcher had cracked and eventually broke, so I used a gift card to buy a whole new unit from Target after Christmas. Well, that new pitcher melted from the dishwasher. I had checked online for a replacement but it would have cost the same with shipping as it would have to buy a new one. I came home with the pitcher and said to Mack,"This is why I yard sale!!" waving it in the air. He was happy because he loves Sweet Tea when the soda runs out!

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Renee said...

Yay for yard-saling! I would go, but my love of sleep over-rides. :) Glad you got some steals!