Sunday, August 17, 2008

Mack's 32nd Birthday

My amazing husband, Mack, also known as SuperDad celebrated his 32nd birthday.  Boy, he is soo much older than me (a whopping 16 days)!  We didn't do anything too exciting.  We all went to the mall to find a present for Daddy.  We didn't find anything that day.  After walking the Monroe Mall for a little while we decided to go home and have dinner.  We picked up a pepperoni pizza from Pizza Hut.
Here are some pics from his special day...
I am very excited to tell you about the great deal I got on these Nikes.  I picked them out all by myself and Mack liked them!  The Monroe Mall gave out 10.00 gift cards to promote business for Back-To-School shopping, plus Hibbett Sports sent me a 10.00 off your 20.00 purchase coupon.  So back I went to the Mall yesterday.  These running shoes (orig. 85.00) were on sale for 49.99.  Minus the 20.00 in free money, I spent 29.99 plus tax.  Dinomite!  It would have been nice to have found this deal before his birthday, but hey, Beggars can't be choosey!


Renee said...

Great Steal on the sneakers! :) The poster is awesome! :)

Bette Anne said...

Looks like Mack had fun even though he refuses to give you real smiles! ;)

Happy Birthday! (It's 12:05 am, so I'm allowed to say it now!) ;)